Rhodium Group (RHG) combines policy experience, quantitative economic tools and on-the-ground research to analyze disruptive global trends. Our work supports the investment management, strategic planning and policy analysis needs of  clients  in the financial, corporate, non-profit and government sectors. RHG has offices in New York, California and Hong Kong, and associates in Washington and New Delhi.

RHG principals have produced path breaking studies on China’s economic, social and political development, India’s emergence as a global player, advanced economy restructuring, global energy and natural resource market and policy dynamics, and cross-border investment. This foundational economic and policy research (available here) informs our commercial research and client advisory work.

Policy Experience: RHG principals are involved in the policy process in the US and abroad, with career-long work at leading think tanks and senior government experience.  We understand the impact of policymaking on economic patterns, and the challenge of finding policy signal in a sea of policy noise.

Quantitative Economic Tools: To translate policy insight into market outcomes, RHG employs a suite of proprietary analytical tools – from macroeconomic models of China’s economy to detailed engineering-based models of the US energy market.  These tools allow us to extract market-relevant insight from the avalanche of global economic data now available, and help us anticipate policy outcomes driven by economic developments.

On-the-Ground Research: Policy insight and quantitative analysis will get you 2/3s the way to smart on today’s global economy – in other words, a grade of “D”. Therefore RHG dedicates equal time to on-the-ground research, meeting with business leaders, regulators, consumers, journalists, diplomats and myriad other players at work determining market outcomes.  Often the best insights start at the factory level, not the macroeconomics.   Our extensive on-the ground interviews ensure our macroeconomic observations are consistent with microeconomic reality, and present an opportunity for clients to join us in the primary research process to see for themselves what drives the disruptive global trends we cover.