Rhodium Group (RHG) supports the investment management, strategic planning and policy analysis needs of firms in the financial, corporate, non-profit and government sectors.

Retainer: RHG supports a growing group of private and public entities from the US and around the world on a retainer basis. Our retainer clients receive our commercial research from all coverage areas (China, India, Advanced Economies, Energy & Natural Resources, and Cross-Border Investment), direct interaction with RHG principals, and insights from our fundamental economic and policy research.

Special Projects: Clients seeking in-depth insight and analysis related to a specific investment decision, strategic planning process or policy deliberation can engage RHG on a special project basis, either outside of or in addition to a retainer relationship. Existing and prospective RHG clients occasionally participate in multi-client studies.

Presentations and Briefings: RHG’s principals speak frequently for high-level audiences including corporate and government boards, top-level management, strategic planning or portfolio management, and many others. Private sector presentations and briefings are tailored to the client’s interests and needs. Recent public speaking engagements by RHG principals are available here.

To discuss engaging RHG on either a retainer or special project basis, or to discuss a presentation or briefing by an RHG principal, please contact:

Maryrose Clark
Tel: +1.212.532.1157